Friday, August 19, 2011

Be Sexy for Being Suplada

Tonight, my bedroom is filled with my laughter. I have just read Suplado Tips book written by Stanley Chi and I feel delighted with his funny tips. I recommend it to everyone especially those people who are lonely and bored. 

Sometimes, I am suplada but only when I am irritated with people who keeps on repeating what they said or what they did. I think, everyone has his/her own suplada moment. It's natural but being suplada now is a trend. According to Stanley Chi, SUPLADO is the NEW SEXY so c'mon, let's be suplado/suplada.

If you haven't already, you can grab the Suplado tips book at any National Book Store in the country. Grab one now for only PhP95 and be a master of supladoness.

Anyway, Stanley Chi is not only an author but also  an endorser of UniSilver Time, joining the ranks of Iya Villania and Sam Milby. He endorses the new released UniSilver Time this month - Suplado Watch. He also hosts Suplado Show, the internet radio show to be hosted by Stanley Chi on Dig Radio (formerly NU107) on And he has his own website - Check it out!

Here are Suplado Tips for the month of August

1. Kung ang kakilala mo ay walang picture sa Facebook... Malamang PANGIT siya!
2. Kung insecure ang ka-officemate mo sa'yo, mag-kwento ka lang ng mag-kwento para lalo siyang mainsecure sa'yo!
3. Maghanap ka ng kausap mo! (Suplado Expression)
4. Pag may natanggap ka na Facebook invite para sa isang event, Mag-reply lang ng MAYBE... Para pilitin kang mag-attend ng event nila, kahit alam nilang baka hindi ka pumunta!
5. Pag sinabing PRESENTABLE ka, ibig sabihin PANGIT ka na maayos manamit!

My favorite tip is  - Kung may nagtanong sayo kung sino ka at ano ang trabaho mo, hiritan mo ng “GOOGLE ME!” 

Wahaha!!! Astig. Suplada much.